Our nationally recognized speakers will empower and embolden you on your journey toward self-discovery. Our mission is to mentor you, empower you to understanding your self-worth so you can successfully take care of those you support while making yourself the priority. While hanging in your PJs during this retreat you will find our break-out sessions and personal quiet time are designed to provide you with tools to identify your purpose and step into your authentic self while touching on wholesome living to include financial success, healthier bodies, closer families, and spiritual support.

A Special Thanks to Our 2021 WSL’s 5th Annual PJ Retreat Speakers 

Pearl Chiarenza

Women Successful Living

Pearl is a Naturopathic Empowerment Coach, a published author, speaker, health, and wellness expert. With over 10 years of experience in her industry, Pearl loves helping women put themselves first authentically without guilt. She empowers women to reach for more out of life so that they do not look back wondering where they were in their own mind, body and spirt story. The women she works with become SHERO’s of their lives as they find their inner pearl to greatness getting more out of life.

Pearl works with women by providing one to one or group coaching, quarterly tribe meetings and yearly pajama retreats for women. She loves empowering women with tools to help them set goals to properly take care of their families and professional life while achieving their vision they have set for themselves.

She is a published collaborative author in four books Behind Her Brand Volume 6, Behind Her Weight Loss, Success Factor, Yes God, Against All Odd, and soon to be released book, Finding Your Pearl, written by women who have personally been touched by Pearl.

Julie DeLucca-Collins

Go Confidently

Julie DeLucca-Collins is the Founder and CEO of Go Confidently Services and the host of the popular Casa DeConfidence Podcast. Julie is also the best-selling author of the Confident You (simple habits to live the life you’ve imagined). Julie helps women business owners launch or grow their businesses by creating simple habits to achieve goals, make a profit, and change lives.

Over the past 20 years, she has worked as a senior executive in the education industry and recently completed her tenure as Chief Innovation Officer for an academic solutions company based in New York City. Throughout her career, she gained significant expertise in policymaking, business development, and business operations.

Julie worked to expand several companies into new markets and negotiated contracts on their behalf. Julie and her Podcast co-host/producer husband Dan reside in Vernon CT with their two furry babies, Yogi Bear and Simba.

Jennifer Ellington

Eternally Faithful Productions

Jennifer Ellington is a graduate of the Practical School of Nursing, at Erwin Technical College. She is a licensed Practical Nurse and has been licensed since 2003. Since then, she has founded Women on Purpose, Inc. Women on Purpose was birth out of Jennifer’s own abuse and childhood trauma. The organization target women or who would like to be delivered from their abuse. Using an approach of caring and loving women where they’re at helps them to understand the process and impact of the abuse and its long-term effects on the abused women.

Jennifer Ellington first started to get involved in advocacy for women in Domestic Violence and childhood abuse once she herself realizes she was that person she was seeing daily. She understands the emotional and trauma that’s associate with both, D.V., and childhood trauma. She understands the emotional, physical, and financial pressures domestic violence and childhood trauma have on women as she herself has lived through both Domestic Violence and childhood trauma. Jennifer Ellington’s goal is to empower, inspire and promote a healthy sense of awareness through her organization, Women on Purpose, Inc.

Jennifer Ellington is a motivational speaker and would venture out anywhere to help bring a woman into her purpose. She does so by Empowering Women that have been broken and desires to be freed from a life of brokenness. She has a team of other women who assist her as she goes out and speaks, ministers to women that are broken.

Dr. Natasha Rubie

Dr. Natasha Rubie has worked in public health for a little over twenty-two years. She is a native of Jamaica W.I., and grew up in Roosevelt, NY. She received her education in Tallahassee, FL and currently reside in Tampa, Florida.

It is Dr. Rubie’s earnest belief that without your health you have very little. In her quest to help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives, she has gone on a journey to better understand ‘root-cause.’ She believes that the spirit must be well in order for the body to be well. Her aim is to help believers all over the world to address childhood trauma which may prevent them from living their highest level of life. By helping others on a path to emotional regulation and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Rubie intends on leading people to the liberty Christ has called us to.

Dr. Rubie fervently believes in “doing the work” or in other words “working out your own salvation.” The methods she utilizes to help people to find better forms of emotional regulation are breath work, water therapy, and physical trauma excavation. She looks forward to working with you and appreciates the invitation to actively perform the ministry of healing to women.

Keisha Marie

Keisha Marie served in the United States Air Force for 16 years as a dental assistant. As a single woman with no children, she moved to Tampa in October 2013 with her American bulldog. Keisha Marie has her bachelor’s in health care studies from Ashford University, and a Master’s in Business Administration from South University.

Currently, Keisha Marie is a beauty educator with a network marketing company. She has a facial specialist certification from the American Institute of Beauty. Keisha is also a motivational speaker and re-acclimating life coach for women transitioning from military to civilian life. She is also writing her first book.

Some of her hobbies include self-improvement, journaling, creative writing, music, professional development, coloring, being outdoors at the beach, amusement parks, anything Mickey Mouse, carnivals, cruises, working out, having fun, gut wrenching laughter and overall being silly.

Keisha loves meeting new people and hearing their stories and their goals, passions, and how they got to where they are currently are in life and what’s in store for them in the future. Her mission is to help women find happiness, love, peace, and joy while pursuing their calling to live fully in their truth of an abundant and exuberant life.

Denise Williams

Williams Marketing and Consulting

Denise has over 20 years of marketing experience in multiple industries including health and wellness, property management, and retail marketing. She’s a highly effective brand manager, event coordinator, and dedicated trainer in core and skill classes.
Denise built her professional skills while working for Florida Executive Realty, Southeast Georgia Regional Hospital, The Venue at North Campus, Visiting Angels, Topgolf Tampa, and Watts Dental. She’s very active throughout the community as a member of several Florida Chambers of Commerce, including her current role as an Ambassador for the Riverview Chamber of Commerce. Denise is also a proud member of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Brandon.

When asked about her passion for volunteering and working with people, Denise said she truly enjoys connecting with others while building lasting friendships. She believes everyone has a story and an idea, and enthusiastically added, “I can’t wait to hear yours!” When Denise considered her “why” for starting her own business, Williams Marketing & Consulting, she was clear about that.

“My goal is to empower and help others understand and discover their life’s purpose. I want to help them and their business gain the exposure it needs. And to always encourage others to take that extra inch of effort in their personal life as well as their business.”

There’s no doubt she embraces her belief in making the most of life in her personal life as well. She’s a wife, mom of 3, pet lover, enjoys traveling, playing golf with her husband, being on the water, and living life to the fullest.

Fun Facts About Denise: “I put God before everything, I’m a superhero of change, my favorite color is purple, I enjoy couponing, golf, and I’m a true fan f violinist music.”

Sharon Rg

Mending Meditation

Sharon is originally from Trinidad, West Indies, and moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada as a young child where she received her formal education and work experience. She worked as Medical Administrator for 40 years and found it to be a very rewarding career. She is also a mom to her son Andrew. Sharon was born into a dysfunctional family. She didn’t realize
this until life brought her to the edge of no return. She found herself living a life filled with depression, anxiety, fear, abuse,
and losing the most important person in her life, her son. She had already lost herself.  Sharon went to therapy and after many years of support and meditation, she was able to free herself from the self-inflicted pain of not knowing any better.

Sharon’s life changed when she met her meditation teacher. Meditation was a way to be inside her mind, trying to be still. Meditation and stillness brought her to the knowledge of who she is. Sharon is first and foremost a devotee of Lord Krishna. She is pure, free, and will forever have love for herself and everyone and everything in this universe. Meditation has been the vehicle to self-love and self-realization.  It has made her a purposeful teacher who encourages others to find self-love and self-realization through meditation.

When you meditate you open your being to who you are and why you are here. The silence brings clarity and focus. Each obstacle you encounter in meditation is a lesson on who and what you need to overcome to find yourself. Obstacles are present in our everyday life through our thoughts, including past and future mind wanderings. Learning to focus on your breath in any situation brings you back to the present moment. It’s helpful to cultivate a habit of meditating twice a day.

Her approach to meditation is gentle and slow (no need to rush). We sit, place our intentions on what we need to
focus on and breathe. Sitting in the stillness of the practice is the most exhilarating experience you can have.
Every time you meditate, the experience is different because every day we grow. We are never in the same place
as we were a minute ago.

“Every breath is a second chance.” Use that second chance to better your experience in our universe.

Carole Gill

Carole Gill Consulting

Carole is the Management Consultant, Facilitator and Executive who brings practical experience from a successful career in corporate America and more than 20 years of consulting experience. Her work focuses on helping leader’s teams attain and sustain outstanding operational results. She has designed and implemented long‐term organization development initiatives to create and support high‐performance trust‐based work environments; increasing employee engagement and overall profitability.

Coaching and Consulting Experience
Known as an attitude expert and people developer, Carole takes a dynamic approach in her delivery methods, turning best practice theory into reality, enabling individuals to become more effective leaders, communicators, collaborators and team builders. Her areas of expertise include executive team alignment, strategic planning, leadership development, coaching, employee engagement, building emotional intelligence competencies, as well as organizational and team development. She is also an engaging professional speaker who has designed and presented programs for Fortune 500 companies and professional associations.

Business and Organizational Leadership Experience
After holding numerous executive positions in the telecommunications, information technology and human resources fields, Carole formed CRG Coaching Partners. She is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, serving as a board member for the local Central Florida Chapter. She has been an adjunct facilitator for University of Tampa’s MBA program for 18 years and has served as Chapter President for the Association of Talent Development and the National Association of Women Business Owners. Carole has been honored as a “Distinguished Woman in Business” by The Tampa Bay Business Journal and was awarded “Small Business of the Year” by the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce. She continuously “gives back” to her community through her ongoing volunteer role as the Leadership Development facilitator for the Brandon Chamber’s Community Leadership Program and was awarded the prestigious Community Leadership Impact Award in January 2018.

Jorgie Franks

Jorgie Inc

Jorgie Franks-Bell has been in sales and leadership for over 20 years which includes, territory management, cold calls, call center, knocking on doors, retail sales, and sales management.

Jorgie worked with companies like Samsung (Territory Management), Coca-Cola, Microsoft, BARBIZON Modeling (National Touring Speaker/Spokes Model), Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry, Victoria Secret and for almost 2 year served at Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce as Director of Membership.

Jorgie is the owner of Jorgie Inc, where she uses her expertise to teach you how to increase sales build relationships. As a speaker, she teaches others how to shed heavy burdens and shed light on your truth. In addition, Jorgie is a community leader which involves the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Goal Girls Club Leader, Board Member Women Centered 4 Success, Christian and Education Director Lakewood Community Church of God, Board Member of Kiwanis Club of Greater Brandon, President Elect 2020, Board Member Campo YMCA and Board Member Visions of Destiny.

A Special Thanks to Our 2021 WSL’s 5th Annual PJ Retreat Ambassadors

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