Our nationally recognized speakers will empower and embolden you on your journey toward self-discovery. Our mission is to mentor you, empower you to understanding your self-worth so you can successfully take care of those you support while making yourself the priority. While hanging in your PJs during this retreat you will find our break-out sessions and personal quiet time are designed to provide you with tools to identify your purpose and step into your authentic self while touching on wholesome living to include financial success, healthier bodies, closer families, and spiritual support.

A Special Thanks to Our 2020 WSL’s 4th Annual PJ Retreat Speakers 

Jorgie Franks Bell

Jorgie, Inc.

Carole Gill

CRG Coaching Partners

Donna Sharpe

Wholelistic Wellness

Audrelynn Grace


A Special Thanks to Our 2020 WSL’s 4th Annual PJ Retreat Ambassadors

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