Mastermind With Pearl Chiarenza

How many times has it happened to you?

You’ve launched your business. You’ve lost a few pounds. You’ve renewed your marriage through counseling.

Things go well for a while. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, it all changes.

Life starts to take its toll. Your partner wants to see you more. Your new business requires more time than you’d planned for and you’re not earning the income you had hoped you would. Your children need to be picked up and the babysitter canceled for Saturday. Your behind on bills and it’s showing in how you eat. You’ve got less energy and more responsibilities.

If any of this sounds like you; if you’ve found yourself struggling through the woes of running a business, maintaining good health, and making sure you spend quality time with friends and family–then the WSL Mastermind Group, hosted by Pearl Chiarenza, is the solution you’re looking for.

In a world where the hustle is real, technology is changing, fast-food is everywhere, and anxiety runs rampant, you can now take a step back, breathe, and connect with real people who are facing the same struggles you are.

Learn how to…

  • “Take back” your life and reignite your passion
  • Create value by building meaningful relationships
  • Stay healthy in a fast-food, take-out-driven world
  • Develop a personal and business vision and stick with it
  • Leverage your knowledge to build up other people

In each of my Masterminds, you’ll gain valuable insights that will help you achieve your goals more efficiently, personally, financially, spiritually, and professionally.

If you’re ready to collaborate with other people who have the passion and personal-will to improve themselves and succeed in various aspects of their lives; if you’ve felt connected to any of the words I’ve spoken; If you’ve felt compelled to take action…

Today is the day!

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Now.

Don’t listen to the little voice in your head telling you “now’s not the time.”

Don’t feed into the lack of motivation or fear of failing.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by when you know it’s going to help you.

And let’s be clear: improvements will only happen in your life if you make it happen.

This is not a self-help group. This is a Mastermind group aimed at helping you wash away the fear, grow in every aspect of your life, and finally achieve your goals and all that you’re capable of achieving.

The fact of the matter is…There are no real secrets to be told. Just A Bunch of Awesome People Getting Motivated And Helping One Another!

That pretty much sums up the WSL Mastermind Groups. The opportunity to sign up is closing quickly so grab your spot now.

Choose which Mastermind Group you want to join and get started today!


Choose the MasterMind that fits your needs! But do it fast, spaces fill up quickly!



Annual payment of $299 or $27/mo.

The WSL SHERO League is a group of Strong, Hopeful, Energetic, Radiant, Openhearted women who are seeking change in ANY aspect of their lives, be that romantic, professional, spiritual, or anything else—we want to help you.

We are WSL SHERO’s who are looking for tools to start improving our lives and put ourselves first without guilt!

We have monthly classes that include workbooks, weekly self-care homework tools, weekly group check in, and a monthly coaching call with Pearl!

For only $27 per month or $299 annually (less than a cup of coffee in your own home daily) become a member of our SHERO League.

Mastering Your Emotions


One-time payment of $97

Happiness is a pretty valuable commodity. That’s no surprise. Like all valuable commodities, everybody wants it. Can you think of a person who doesn’t want to be happier? Have you ever met a person who says “Ya know, I don’t think I want to be happier”? Of course, you haven’t. You know why? Because that person doesn’t exist. All of us want to be happier. We all want more satisfaction and we all want more fulfillment. In some sense, happiness is like money. It’s always nice to have a little bit more.

That’s what this course is all about – getting happier, more satisfied and more fulfilled.

Once you’ve purchased the Mastering Your Emotions course, you’ll receive email instructions on how to access the course files.

SHERO Method


Make a one-time payment of $4469 and save! Or pay over time with 2 installments of $2285 each, or 3 installments of $1539 each, or even 4 easy installments of $1174 each, or 5 easy installments of $944 each!

Becoming and remaining authentic is hard work. When you commit to living and leading with authenticity, you will break the shackles that hold you back and find your inner pearl to greatness!

Who am I really? What is shackling me from being my authentic self?

WSL started because I wanted to empower women to put themselves first to avoid the hard lesson I learned.

Over this 12 week course, you will receive coaching once a week with Pearl in a group session. You will also receive weekly one to one sessions with Pearl. Learn what steps you can take to be your Authentically Beautiful self:

  • Increase Self-Awareness. Identify what you care the most about. What are your values, likes, and dislikes? Sounds simple? However, in today’s world, determining what’s most important can be difficult.
  • Assess and Evaluate. Upon becoming clear about your values, likes, and dislikes, this will help you better see how aligned your behaviors are with your beliefs. After giving up what does not align with these beliefs, you’ll determine what you need to reclaim and what you are willing to give up to get what’s most important to you.
  • Take Action. This does not need to be sweeping changes. Start with small steps and gradually align your behaviors with your most important values. I’ll help teach you how incorporating my own experience. For example, I had to start cutting back on focusing on Matt’s football journey and make time for my other son, Nate, while also learning to start taking better care of myself; I even started going on ‘staycations’. You might think this would have hurt my son Matt, but it enhanced our relationship as he became confident in his own abilities.
  • Get Support. It is OK to ask for help and support to achieve your goals. Colleagues, friends, and family are valuable. Trust your gut and remember going against what others advise is OK if you are being authentic. Have faith in your abilities.

Communicating Openness in our Relationships Environments


Make a one-time payment of $497 and save! Or pay over time in 2 easy installments—$263 now and $263 next month.

Join us during this 8 week journey as we take steps to build a community of strong sistership with other women looking to connect.

This mastermind group will cover four steps:

  • Building stronger relationships
  • Letting go of being perfect
  • Building a strong community
  • Opening creative ways to receive powerful mindset results

This powerful Mastermind includes weekly fun-work, real-world meetups, workshops, and social gatherings.

FREE 30-Minute 1-On-1

Let’s get to know each other and see if we’ll be a good fit for one another!