Eating right is 50% of losing weight. Even if you’re not sure you want to work with me yet, I’ve taken the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the last several years as a weight loss coach, and turned it into real, wholesome recipes you can enjoy!

No strings attached! You can find these recipes in most local grocery stores or elsewhere online—I’ve just compiled and organized them into one easy to read eBook and made sure it includes recipes that are sure to taste good. Indulge in Slow Cooker Breakfast Casserole for an easy Saturday breakfast, or Stuffed Peppers for dinner. Better yet, dive into the Cinnamon Bun Cakes or bite into a scrumptious Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich.

Download the 30+ Healthy Recipes and enjoy dozens of recipes hand-picked by me that are all super easy to prepare, simple to cook, and can help you lose weight!

Meet Pearl Chiarenza:

WSL Wellness Coach and Founder of Bodyworks Health & Wellness