You tell yourself, “one little bite” here, “a little nibble” there will not hurt; or a sip of this alcohol beverage won’t hurt, right? You may think it isn’t a big deal because you’re still eatingso much better than you did prior to doing working with Pearl right? Not being a 100%compliant with the which program you are doing, is still cheating. I remembered when I cheated on a donut once while I was on the program only to realize that the $3 donut cost me three days out of ketosis and equaled $10!!

Ask yourself before cheating if it is really worth it? Only you know the answer to the question, however before you can truly answer the question you have to know the true effects of cheating.

You may think that it is only one day on the diet that you lose and that is not so bad. The challenge is that you are pedaling backward on your bicycle of success you have achieved on the program to date. When getting back on track right away you will see that it takes you an additional day to get yourself back being compliant with the program. So you lose the “momentum” you had and inhibit your success. So one day of cheating can cost you two days on the program possible up to three. So instead of having your weekly success you now have maybe three to five days of success and will have cost you up to $30 equal depending on with Gem Program you are doing!

You may find while on program and cheating you still lose weight and believe that to be a great thing. Well, your goal when coming to us is to lose weight however when you deviate you are telling your pancreas it has to work overtime again and it thinks it needs to start making more insulin. Please keep in mind weight loss is your goal, but just as important we are working to get your body into a healthier state and making sure your pancreas is working properly is a vital part of your success.

Psychologically, if you cheat and still make progress, you may think it is okay to cheat sincethere were no issues with your success. Please keep in mind that it will become easier tocheat again, and maybe cheat for two days instead of one and your success will start to show on the scale in a negative way.

If you feel like you have to have a reward or you will completely off plan than always reach out to your coach for an option that might be available to you to help you get thru the urge. We are here to hold you accountable and want to see you succeed.

In the end, you have to make the decision yourself whether or not cheating is alright. Weigh your options and go back to the day you started your journey and make the decision yourself. Keep in mind that cheating is cheating no one but yourself.

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