WSL Mastermind Group: SHERO Method Masterclass

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Becoming and remaining authentic is hard work. When you commit to living and leading with authenticity, you will break the shackles that hold you back and find your inner pearl to greatness!

Who am I really? What is shackling me from being my authentic self?

WSL started because I wanted to empower women to put themselves first to avoid the hard lesson I learned. What steps can we take to be our Authentic Beautiful:

  • Increase Your Self-Awareness. Identify what you care the most about. What are your values, likes, and dislikes? Sounds simple? However, in today’s world, determining what’s most important can be difficult.
  • Assess and Evaluate. Upon becoming clear about your values, likes, and dislikes, this will help you better see how aligned your behaviors are with your beliefs. After giving up what does not align with these beliefs what do you need to reclaim, and what you are willing to give up to get what’s most important to you?
  • Take Action. This does not need to be sweeping changes. Start with small steps and gradually align your behaviors with your most important values. For example, I had to start cutting back on focusing on Matt’s football journey and make time for my other son Nate and start taking care of myself and started with staycations. You might think this would have hurt my son Matt, it better our relationship as he became confident in his abilities.
  • Get Support. It is ok to ask for help and support to achieve your goals. Colleagues, friends, and family are valuable. Trust your gut and remember going against what other advice is ok if you are being authentic. Have faith in your abilities.

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