Was Disney World this magical place for you when you were a kid? Maybe you never physically made it there but heard of it? Maybe you went there only once but the experience you had lasted a lifetime? Back when I was in college, I met this older gentleman who was retired. He told me that he used to work with Walt Disney back in 1917 in Chicago. He said that everyone there used to make fun of Walt because he was always drawing a mouse. I guess Walt didn’t let that hinder him from following his dreams. My motto is if a mouse can translate to the most magical place on Earth, then our dreams have no limits.

I started to think back on this story when I met Pearl. I was fortunate to receive a referral for Pearl to contact me for some branding photography that she needed. See Pearl has a few different lines of business that she wanted to rebrand under one umbrella. She is a life coach – someone who motivates you just like Walt Disney, that your dreams can come true; she is a health and wellness coach as well as an author. You GO Pearl! So, we sat down a few times to review her business needs. She decided to have about 10 or so of her clients join her at the session. I have to say it was an inspiring experience to see them all working together at the session.

Pearl, the way that you show women how to follow their dreams, to not hold back, how to overcome fear is so empowering. It’s so amazing how you recently made headline news! You were so sweet to share with me what her publisher had to say about the branding photos I did for her rebranding “You’ve sent me the best photos of any clients in the four years I’ve been running this business.” You have no idea how happy I was to serve you and your clients! Can’t wait to hear more about your new book and see that fabulous pearl photo we took together as the cover.



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